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Technical Brief
from Zigabyte Australia

Transient PAM Automation

How a global retail brand automated transient and long-term privileged access and approval to remove a costly managed service and provide greater security control over Privileged Access Accounts and Groups.

"… initially the focus was on our domain admins, enterprise admins and schema admins, but once we became aware of the potential of the initial design we increased the scope to the entire organisation’s IT staff and realised significant cost savings and enhanced security."
Zigabyte Australia Tech Brief - Engagement Brief

The customer managed privileged access through a manual process that was prone to human error, foremost being the fallibility of forgetfulness. The initial scope focussed on the accounts that mapped to domain admins as they required transient privileged access to perform their duties during a transient technical change.

As the solution was configured the power of the automated process became evident and it spread to the enterprise admins, then the schema admins and local server admins and ultimately the groups that were nested in these privilege access Active Directory groups across the entire organisation’s IT staff. A four-tier approval, notification and auditing workflow was added to the process to ensure that IT staff applying for elevated access were compliant in their request and could be audited on demand.

Zigabyte Australia Tech Brief - Problem Solution

The solution required a meticulously developed and tested design that became more challenging as the scope increased. The design utilised powerful but seldom utilised and understood ARS functionality that delivered a powerful and comprehensive automated workflow of privileged access management for the entire organisation’s IT personnel.

PointZ Tech Brief - Problem Solution
PointZ Tech Brief - Engagement Outcome Benefit
A robust, all of enterprise automated privileged access workflow.
PointZ Tech Brief - Engagement Outcome Value
Termination of an expensive manual based managed service realising significant and unexpected cost savings.
PointZ Tech Brief - Engagement Outcome Quality
Internal authority of security controls, governance, compliance, and audit.

PointZ Technologies

The expertise to design a complex PAM workflow exceeding customer expectations and realising exceptional value.


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