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Unified Endpoint Management

The primary fundamental control that the CIO of any company is compelled to deliver is simply, secure and unified endpoints.

Zigabyte Australia - Cyber Security

Effective Unified Endpoint Management (UEM), meets the necessary requirements for compliance, ensures optimum availability and productivity for both end users and those supporting them.

Unified Endpoint Management

In the modern age of device proliferation, diverse forms and Operating Systems with vast levels of installed software, a sophisticated automated discovery and management set of tools are required.

Couple that with a proven breadth and depth of expertise on the effective utilisation of these tools, the many disciplines that make up an effective UEM system are managed and controlled to provide secure and unified endpoints.

The Zigabyte Australia UEM Practice has seasoned and proven professionals that can provide expert knowledge and services in all aspects of End to End Device Management:

  • Asset Management.
  • Patch and Security Management.
  • Inventory & Control.
  • Configuration.
  • ITIL aligned Service Desk.
  • Device Onboarding - Image Deployment.
  • Mobile Device Management.

Feel free to contact us to discuss our experiences with the many successful UEM projects we have delivered. Successfully delivered in many countries within the Asia Pacific and within a variety of sectors.