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About Zigabyte Australia

Zigabyte are an APJ services delivery company that architect, design and supply IT services to enable clients to achieve their ICAM objectives.

About Zigabyte Australia

The Zigabyte Australia team look forward to meeting with you to discuss how we can assist and empower you and your customers in their ICAM objectives.

Identity, Credential and Access Management Specialists

Importantly we are vendor agnostic and our services deliver the customer broad control of their cyber security systems through identity governance, access management, directory integration and privilege account management. We effectively transition and manage your customers’ ICAM Infrastructures to enable clearer alignment with their business objectives and governance policies.

Critically we are financially stable and independent and are also proud of the quality of people and partnerships that we have developed and will continue to develop globally.

We are solely owned and financially secured by Zebulon Griggs who is also sole owner of Zigbayte Corporation, a USA based consultancy established in 2004. Working with governments and companies globally ZIGABYTE is capable, credible and committed with over 100 ICAM specialists covering all the major ICAM vendors. Zigabyte Australia have a close working partnership with Zigabyte and we greatly benefit with the capacity to leverage their breadth and depth of expertise.

We have formal service partnerships with the leading ICAM global vendors and certified capability to deliver.

  • ICAM Services
  • Certified Consultants
  • Vendor Agnostic
  • Financially Stable
  • Formal Services Relationships with Global vendors
  • Same ownership as leading ICAM Service Provider Zigabyte Corporation (US)