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Technical Brief
from Zigabyte Australia

Global Network Transformation

Global Network Transformation exceeds expectations, enhances the customer experience and cancels the circling competitor menace.

"Our network performance was impacting customers to the point where refund activity spiked. The transformation was a significant undertaking but the value to us and the customer was even more significant."
Zigabyte Australia Tech Brief - Engagement Brief

A service provider to a global retailer was compelled to address the issue of low network transaction speeds within the existing Virtual Private Network (VPN) network.

The poor performance, (instability and low transaction speeds), of the existing network infrastructure in the handling of the increasing volume of Gift card transactions resulted in a very poor user experience, hampering the customers business operations with administrative overhead, and an increase in customer refunds.

These obvious issues attracted competitors of the network and application provider.

The primary goal was to significantly improve network performance and consistently achieve an acceptable Transactions Per Second (TPS) rate for Gift card transactions.

Zigabyte Australia Tech Brief - Problem Solution

A comprehensive network transformation was required.

Through a process of analysis, review and recommendation a program of work valued at US$12M was planned and implemented over an 11-month period. The program involved focus of key personal and other global vendors. The key components of the solution were:

  • Local Japan POP (Point of Presence): To reduce network latency and enhance data processing speeds, a local Point of Presence (POP) was established in Japan. This enabled faster data exchange and reduced the delay in processing transactions.
  • Redundant Circuits for Digital Transaction Transformation: To ensure high availability and reliability of the network, redundant circuits were deployed. These circuits facilitated digital transaction transformation and provided backup paths in case of any circuit failures, thereby minimizing downtime and maintaining continuous operations.
  • Intercontinental Submarine Circuits: To enable seamless data transfer between the USA and Japan, intercontinental submarine circuits were established. These high-capacity circuits ensured efficient data transmission across long distances, enhancing the overall network performance and reducing data transfer delays.
PointZ Tech Brief - Problem Solution

Following the implementation of the proposed solution the network achieved remarkable results:

  1. Daily Gift card transactions exceeded 14 million, showcasing a significant increase in network capacity and processing capabilities.
  2. The network now consistently maintains minimum Transactions Per Second (TPS) for Gift card transactions, meeting and even surpassing customer requirements.
  3. Major interruptions and outages were successfully mitigated, resulting in improved network stability and enhanced user experience for customers and employees alike.
  4. Competitors were distanced.
PointZ Tech Brief - Engagement Outcome Benefit
Customer retention, an enhanced user experience and a network with a long-term outlook.

PointZ Technologies

Our employee took the lead role as the Infrastructure Director and Lead and Owner of the Network Design


  • Custom in-house software
  • Hardware - Paolo Alto Networks, Cisco and Dell
  • Infrastructure AWS