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Technical Brief
from Zigabyte Australia

Unified End-Point Management at scale and complexity

A patch in time, well, saves everything.

"We were under pressure to meet our security commitments and the team worked well under many challenges. The solution and its roll out met our expectations."
Zigabyte Australia Tech Brief - Engagement Brief

A large bank in Asia, with over 4,500 branches and 65,000 endpoints was required to address ongoing audited security risks and comply with both industry security standards and their own mandated policies, specifically to end-point patching.

The bank’s ability to address these issues were compounded by slow and highly unreliable network links, poorly managed end-points and an ad-hoc patch regime that exposed users and the bank to severe cyber impacts.  

Zigabyte Australia Tech Brief - Problem Solution

Unified End Point Management solutions were identified as candidates and critiqued against tight minimal requirements:

  1. Patch Management over large, often low bandwidth networks
  2. Patch Management of Applications, Windows and Linux
  3. Local Patch Distribution Points for low network impact
  4. Full Patch automation and control
  5. Ability to scale and add capacity.
  6. Customised Reporting for true patch level compliance


The technical solution selected was the Quest KACE Systems Management Appliance. The appliance provided the functionality to meet the strict criteria:

  • Replication Shares
    • Synchronising content to a branch for local distribution to endpoints
  • Client and Server Patching
    • Automated Monthly patching cycle
    • Scheduled Alerting and Patching information
    • Post Patching Reboot control.
  • Windows Feature updates.
    • Local and automated deployment
  • Linux Server Updates
  • Comprehensive reporting
    • Post patch cycle success rate
    • Overall patch compliance


PointZ Tech Brief - Problem Solution

A virtual technical team of 7 worked to a design and work program developed by Zigabyte. The plan addressed a dynamic and changing environment in a range of parallel streams of work. The complexity of the project introduced many challenges that with a strong team ethic were successfully overcome. The project was completed successfully over a 6-month period.

The customer has a robust end point management system that provides a current and consistent environment, meeting the mandatory patching security standards required of a major bank.

PointZ Technologies

Technical Lead (SME), Training and Project Manager 


  • QUEST SOFTWARE KACE Systems Management Appliance