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Technical Brief
from Zigabyte Australia

A curious case of SPML

Where technical dependencies and project timelines just do not meet until a clever technical interruption lets the stars align.

"… because the HR System will not be ready in time, when it is ready, there is no way to ensure that the business-critical activity of on-boarding using the SPML interface into Active Roles will work in the new Domain."
Zigabyte Australia Tech Brief - Engagement Brief

The customer uses an in-house HR application that generates SPML code to create, modify and deprovision users in a Active Roles legacy domain using the SPML Active Roles Provider Interface, however the upgrade of the HR system does not sync with the upgrade of ARS.

  1. The customer is consolidating all their domains into a new domain.
  2. Active Roles will be a green-field installation in the new domain as its use in the legacy domains is outdated.
  3. HR is upgrading their System to point to the new domain. It will not be ready by the time the domains are migrated for them to use the SPML Active Roles Provider interface.
Zigabyte Australia Tech Brief - Problem Solution

The SPML Active Roles Provider is shipped with an interface to run very basic SPML code examples to create, modify and deprovision users. The sample code is not suited for robust business use cases that the HR system will produce. However, the interface can be modified to function according to the customer’s use case.

Zigabyte recommended ignoring the sample code but using the interface in a unique but effective way:

  1. Zigabyte rewrote, using the same logic, all the HR SPML code to match the requirements of the Active Roles Runtime interface requirements.
  2. Start the interface with any sample SPML code. (Allows default and customised synchronisation services)
  3. Remove the sample code and replace it with the rewritten SPML code required by HR.
  4. Test the code against Active Roles.
PointZ Tech Brief - Problem Solution

Using this solution, the Customer could proceed with the Domain Consolidation and Active Roles build, ahead of the HR upgrade and could be guaranteed that the HR requirements would be met before they plugged into the Active Roles SPML Provider interface.

PointZ Technologies

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